Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And I bought stuff for the kiddies too...

So I bought those shoes, but a bulk of my bill was for the kiddies. I mean, I had a free shipping coupon and I'd already planned on buying them a few things, so why not maximize, right?

So for Caroline, I got her these:

and these:

The sandals are b/c she needs them and the flip flops are for Easter. Aren't they cute how they have the little strap on the back? She had some flips last summer and just couldn't keep them on her feet even though she wanted to wear them. These should be perfect.

And for Mr. Bryce, he's getting these:

I think my mom is also getting them each a pair of the sandals because Caroline only had one pair last summer and she wore them so often that they stunk so badly by July. So I'm hoping having 2 pairs will keep the wear and tear down. They wore very well but having 2 different pairs (and different colors) should be great! I always loved wearing sandals in the summer. And I think the boy ones are still pretty rugged looking too.

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Katie said...

I love summer sandals! I think Emily had 4 or 5 pairs last summer. They are so fun!