Monday, March 31, 2008

Again with the weird names...

Caroline has a knack for coming up with odd names for her animals, dolls, and such. Tonight, in the tub, was no different. I'll spare you the details of her very dramatic bathtime and bedtime struggles and just tell you the funny part. (And they're still going on....please go to sleep!)

So she's playing with her new rubber duckies that she acquired as Easter gifts and turning a long bath time into a loooooooooong bath time. One set is a mama with 3 babies (how appropriate!) and I asked her their names.

"Well," she said without hesitation, "their names are Sissy, Sassy, and Uncle Kevin. And the mommy's name is Fern."

Uncle Kevin should be pleased to have a rubber duckie named after him.

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Brother Kev said...

I'm pleased as punch!d