Thursday, March 13, 2008

The 5 Hour Stomach Bug

You've heard of the 24 hour bug before, but what about the 5 hour one? Apparently, that is what Bryce had yesterday. Barfing at 4am, diarrhea at 6am, passed out at 7:30am and awoke at 9am like nothing was wrong. WHAT?!?

Now, I'm NOT complaining. No way, but it was just weird. He ate the same thing for dinner as me and I feel/felt fine. And when he threw up, it was clear that nothing he'd eaten the night before had digested so it was just sitting there in his belly. I figured we were in for a long day, but other than only a mediocre appetite, he was fine. I kept him on "sick" food for the rest of the day even though he kept begging for other stuff. So, today, he's back at daycare and he's eating his usual food.

So, I guess, if you HAVE to have a stomach bug, a 5 hour one is the one to get, right?


Katie said...

You must be tired too.

Anonymous said...

Hope it doesn't return. I am sure the flu was not fun for those 5 hours but great that it is hopefully almost over. They head cold is going around our household.