Monday, March 24, 2008

23 Weeks

Here we are at 23 weeks. Very tired after a loooooooong Easter Sunday of visiting and kid wrangling. I'm feeling large.

But I must say after my post about her movement the other night, I had the mommy jinx take place where I was completely contradicted. While she still will lay very low, I'm finally starting to feel lots of kicks and bumps higher up. In fact, she gave Caroline a show the other morning - much to her delight. It's clear to see that this baby girl is starting to make her place in the family. Later in the day on Easter, I asked Caroline to share what she had seen/felt earlier and expected her to say that she'd seen and felt the baby kick again. She told about that with much excitement and then she told everyone at my mom's that she also put her ear to my belly and heard the baby whisper "Caroline and Bryce." Well if she heard it, I'm not going to tell her otherwise. She can always remember that as the first words her baby sister said to her, if she wants.


Viv said...

I really like your top! You know I'm kinda sad I won't be able to wear my maternity clothes again - I actually liked the clothes and I really liked being pregnant (and I guess I could wear my clothes if I really wanted to but that would be just silly! ; ) )Here's to you looks this good the next 100 and some days :)

(P.S. I think I saw you guys driving down TT on Sunday - I was outside with my Dad, Liz watching my girls "ride" their Opa's Harley!)

Katie said...

Lookin' sharp momma!

BJ said...

You look great!!