Saturday, February 09, 2008

Trying to Salvage the Day

Well, because we were up so early, I decided to get a jumpstart on running errands. Caroline whined and cried to take me with her, which I wasn't thrilled about but she calmed down and I consented. We left by 10am and she fell asleep on the way to Comcast to exchange our 5 year old digital cable box. But I woke her up and she stood in the LOOOONG line with me without even a complaint. Then we hopped back in the car and ran across the road to Target and picked up a few odds and ends. I told her if she was good, I'd buy her lunch. While we were there, I spotted a Little Mermaid bathing suit and seeing how I'd just promised to buy her one for this summer, I didn't want to pass it up. When we left it was 11:30 and Panera wasn't even busy yet! So we scooted over and I got her usual PB&J kids lunch and I went out on a limb and got baked potato soup and 1/2 a chicken caesar sandwich - yum! To my amazement, she actually ate everything and we even had a nice chat. A chat in which she apologized for her minor act of terrorism last night (her before bed fit). Then we headed to Sam's Club and then to the DVD/CD place where I made a whopping $15 on a few old DVDs I don't watch anymore.

So we got home and she took a 2 hour nap but Mr. Bryce had already taken a 1 hour nap at like 10:30 so he was up, happy and VERY talkative. I snoozed for maybe 10 minutes in between Bryce climbing all over me and asking me what I was doing.

Now Caroline is awake and running around in her new bathing suit not understanding why I won't let her get into the bathtub with it on while Bryce is still working on a piece of bubblewrap that came in his sound machine that arrived in the mail today. Here's hoping for a quiet evening.

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DVD/CD place? Tell me more!