Friday, February 08, 2008


Okay, I thought of a funny little story to share.

This morning Bryce was up around 6am and running around chatting up a storm. His new nickname is Chatterbox because the little man does not stop talking...ever! It's really cute most of the time. So he's watching me get ready this morning and firing away questions and commenting on everything and I knocked something off the vanity.

Instead of saying S%#$, I say, "Sugar!"

Bryce replies, "Mommy, I like sugar!"

Based on how much the kid asks for candy, and doesn't get it, I pretty much knew that. :)


viv said...

Good job on saying Sugar! ;)

BJ said...

Jenna's mouth is not always the best so she has been saying "sugar" or "snap" as alternative options. Sydney gets a kick out of the snap option.

nelly said...

i say sugar too and now my 3year old does as well! what fun!