Friday, February 29, 2008

Sometimes, I feel like this guy....

This is one of my favorite SNL skits with Jimmy Fallon playing the rude and condescending "company computer guy" named Nick Burns.

I always laughed because I have been in contact with a LOT of IT people who are rude and always assume YOU'RE the reason something isn't working. That said, sometimes, I understand why he's like that.

You see, I've never had any true IT training, it's all been stuff I've picked up along the way and I have a natural affinity for. I've been here at my job for 4 years and when I started only using the technology on campus/in our office was a part of my job description. But as time has gone on, I've become the main person of contact for all training and tech questions for about 100 people that use certain programs/data systems to manage the admissions process.

And recently I've realized how jaded and negative I've become when people call me and ask me questions and SWEAR that something is wrong with the system or the technology. Although I handle it MUCH better than Mike Burns does and usually err on the side of being overly understanding and helpful since that's just my way and I do realize how frustrating navigating new technology can be. But when I'm off the phone or out of their office, I feel like Nick Burns. 95% of the time it is user error and the fact that I spent weeks making the most BEAUTIFUL and easy to follow manuals with SCREEN SHOTS makes me wonder what I wasted my time for since they call me before trying to figure it out on their own.

What's funny is that the student workers in our office, who are actually quite good with technology, often have to come and find me when something malfunctions since I am the go-to person for fixing a scanner or printer that is on the fritz...(yes mom, maybe I should have gone into some sort of engineering b/c I love fixing things and figuring out how they work.) So about a year ago, I shared this video with them and now when I come up they giggle and say, "MOVE!" One girl even swears that I break things when no one is looking so that I can come up and save the day. I wouldn't go that far....

Oh well, such is life. At least I feel needed and appreciated here. I'll just try to avoid dressing and acting like Nick Burns. No one wants to be THAT guy.


Katie said...

You are really good with computers. Are you sure you don't want to be a software engineer or system admin? I think you would be good at it. Remember when you were the only one on the floor with email?

Erika said...

Thanks K - although I'm curious to learn about your pre-law school job. You know, I know you did something with software engineering, right?

Jason is the real brains in our family for IT stuff, so I can't take all the credit. But I'm a fast learner!