Friday, February 22, 2008

Seeing What Develops...

Let's see, due to the weather, we've got a delayed opening at work. Although since I was already leaving at 2pm, I probably won't go in at all and will do some work from home. There's a chance we might not open at all depending on what this storm does. (And yes, I've been up since 6am which is the curse of a closing/late opening - once you hear the news, you can't go back to sleep. This always happened to me when I was a kid. Just the irony of a snow day/delay...)

As for Caroline, so far, no fever and she said her head is better this morning but that it hurts when she swallows. So let's hope this is just a cold. She's already up watching some Jo Jo on Playhouse Disney.

Also, just waiting to see if the ultrasound place will still be open. I have a feeling it will since businesses don't close like schools do, but you never know.

So it's kind of a wait and see day....

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