Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saturday Valentines

Even though we give the kids little prezzies for Valentine's Day, Jay and I generally don't exchange gifts. Cards, yes, but no gifts since we like to take the opportunity to go out for dinner. Not really because of Valentine's Day - but more of an excuse to get out, if that makes sense.

So the kids spent the evening/night with my parents (and apparently had a fantastic time!) while we headed down to Pazo. This was our 2nd trip, our 1st being over a year ago. And while the restaurant itself hadn't changed, but menu had evolved. Previously, it had been an all tapas menu but now it had the tapas in addition to entrees since I guess people really wanted a more traditional dining experience. So Jason went with the 2 tapas an entree and I decided to do 5 tapas since I couldn't decide between the huge variety of things. 4/5 were amazing and the 5th was just so-so. Of course we had dessert and coffee (decaf for me!) and made it home before 10pm. I must say though, I did miss having a nice glass of wine with my meal but drinking sparkling water wasn't terrible considering it made our bill significantly less than if I'd had wine and a mixed drink of some sort.

The place was hopping as usual and with lots of other Valentine diners. The thing that is interesting about the place is how close the tables are together and how the music is a bit loud. (It has a rather large loungey area and apparently is almost a night club as the dining side starts to wind down.) But Jason and I both think that if the music wasn't that loud, you wouldn't be able to sit that close to other diners and not feel like they were listening to your conversation. Although when we first sat down, the couple on our one side were a bit annoying and talking VERY loud and were clearly on a first date of some sort but were obnoxiously clasping hands the entire 45 minutes they continued to sit there and gab. We were glad when they left and were replaced with a more normal couple.

So while Pazo is definitely a tasty and fun place to eat, I would not recommend it for long, romantic dinners where you share your soul with someone. So maybe it is good for a first date since you don't have to worry about awkward silence. Not that I have to worry about that anymore.

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BJ said...

Some restaurants are just not as nice for conversations. I don't like people on top of us when we go out to eat because I feel like they are listening in on our conversations. The other night we went to a restaurant and the table was shaped like a triangle and so when you sat you didn't really face each other but instead face the rest of the restaurant. It was very uncomfortable because it felt like we were on display to the rest of the restaurant.