Monday, February 11, 2008

Role Reversal

Funny how the roles were reversed this morning. I was the one up at 6am and I was the one waking THEM up at 6:45am. I should have gone in and jumped on them at 6am and told them it was time to play. I told Jason that it was ironic that they slept later today then they had all weekend. At least I feel rested today.

And thanks to Jason who knew that taking the kids up to his mom's for a few hours would be a good break for me. In the time they were gone, I managed to get the better part of the laundry done, 2 bathrooms cleaned, the house picked up, put away a bunch of little things that had been bugging me for weeks and take a shower. I attempted a nap but thanks to the high (loud) winds, I could not sleep. I am not good at napping in the day anymore unless it just kind of happens but it can not be planned. And maybe it was for the best since by the time my bedtime rolled around, I went to sleep in a few minutes which may not have been the case had I napped. Bedtime for the kids went relatively well too.

Oh and I'm tired of winter. Have I told you that? 13 degrees when I left my house with the kids in tow this morning. Frigid. Well, it's not a Minnesota winter, but for Baltimore, that's cold. Add that to the fact that one of my pregnancy symptoms this time has been being chilly all the time and you have one cold momma. Brrr! Wake me up in May.

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