Friday, February 22, 2008

Quick Update and then back to kids...

Took Caroline to the Minute Clinic and couldn't have been more pleased w/ the service. We were the first and only ones there and the nurse practioner was so nice. She checked Caroline out and was shocked the rapid strep came back negative but they are sending a 2nd one to the lab just in case. So if it's positive, we'll know tomorrow and get an Rx.

The roads really aren't bad around here - it's just rain but we're just around freezing so I'm sure it's different north and west of the city. But the radiology place is open and my SIL, Kelly, heard about what's going on and is leaving work early to babysit so Jay can come with me to the ultrasound. THANK YOU KELLY!!!!

And Bryce is like a caged animal today. They were angels at the clinic but before we left and since we've been home he's nuts. Every toy in my house is out and he's just into everything. I think b/c I'm having to really give a lot of attention to Caroline and make a lot of phone calls he's feeling a bit neglected. Jay gets home soon so hopefully that will help.


viv said...

YEAH KELLY! I bet she'd like to take of every day to play with the kids ;)

BJ said...

that is awesome that Kelly is there to help you out! Sounds like things are slowly working out even if Bryce is running around crazy:>