Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Princess Mess

You remember how I showed you all of Caroline's new princess dresses, right? Well, it seems there's a bit of a mess that goes along with them. Now this mess didn't start with these specific dresses since some of her princess dress up clothes she had before would leave the same mess behind. It's just that now that she's wearing them SO frequently, that it just makes a mess more often.

And the "mess" I'm talking about? SPARKLES of course! There's something about princesses and sparkles. Her Sleeping Beauty dress leaves gold sparkles everywhere she sits. Her old pink princess skirt leaves silver sparkles anywhere she walks. The Cinderella dress has been known to drop silver sparkles too. And her Little Mermaid outfit (can't really call that one a dress) leaves sequins here and there, though not as bad as the other two.

So clearly not a huge deal, but you can tell what dress she was wearing and where she'd been that day based on her sparkle trail.

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