Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pregnancy Brain

I had my first true pregnancy brain experience of this pregnancy the other day. Over the weekend we realized that even though we had put homemade pizza on the two week menu, somehow, we'd forgotten to include pizza crust on the grocery list. So when I ran out to the grocery store up the street to get a few odds and ends on our grocery store "off week," I planned to get some but, as luck would have it, they seemed to be out. But I decided I'd try my hand at making some homemade crust and purchased 2 - three packs of yeast.

When I got home, I remembered taking it out of the bag, from from there, I could NOT remember and this was my moment of pregnacy brain the other night. I remembered taking it out and thinking that it needed to be in a cool and dark place for storage but I had NO recollection of where I'd moved after that. Jason and I searched the spice/baking cupboad. We searched the fridge and pantry too. If it wasn't for such a clear recollection of taking it out of the bag, I would have figured I'd just thrown it away.

But just as I was about to give up in frustration, Mr. Tall Jason, found them tucked away in the metal frothing pitcher in the spice/baking cupboard. And VOILA, my memory returned. I remember now thinking of a cool and dark place and that putting them in the opaque, metal pitcher that we rarely use would be a perfect place for them. But, I clearly didn't commit that thought to memory.

Ah yes, pregnancy brain. Don't you love it?

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Viv said...

That was the thing Jay hated the MOST - my pregnancy brain! Glad it goes away though :)