Monday, February 04, 2008

The Outhouse That Pop Pop Built

I forgot to tell this story last week but it's a funny little morsel I don't want to forget.

My dad made my kids the most beautiful play kitchen 2 years ago for Christmas that I'm sure you've seen in plenty of my pictures before. It's all wood with a real counter and all real knobs, fixtures and such. The kitchen sink is a metal bowl that fits into a hole cut into the counter but that bowl is removable. As you might have seen in this post.

Well, Bryce got a new idea for what this hole could be used for. Jason and I were in the kitchen and I hear Bryce yell, "Mommy, I'm going pee!!!"

I look in, and this is what I see:

The bowl is removed and Bryce is pretending that the sink is now a toilet. Ha ha, Bryce - real funny. I get him down and I think maybe that's the end of it. Wrong.

After dinner, the kids decided to take turns getting under the sink and while the other would sit on the "potty" and "pee" or "poop" on the other one's head. Finally I had to put a stop to it when they were starting to climb in and out of the sink via the hole and were fighting over who got to be in the sink.

Are my kids the most imaginative, sweet kids ever? I mean, pretending to pee and poop on each other? What mom isn't proud of that? I made sure to call my dad and thank him for the toilet he'd built my children. He got a good chuckle out of that.


Katie said...

ROFL! Those kids crack me up!

bracken said...

They are just too cute and that picture of Bryce is Great!

Katie said...

HELLO??? Anyone out there???

bracken said...

Katie, it is funny you wrote your last post because I just checked the blog and was asking myself the same thing "what was going on.....Erika never has a break this long!"

Hope all is well Erika, we miss your posts.