Thursday, February 21, 2008

On High Alert

Well, Jay and I are on high alert for illness at our house. Caroline started complaining of her back hurting to Jason last night after she had already complained of a headache to me at bedtime. Of course, I gave her some Tylenol right away and 2 minutes later she said she was better. At which point I told her then she really didn't have a headache if it was already gone.

But, my daycare provider called me this morning saying that Caroline said her neck and head hurt. I instructed to give her some ibuprofen and a big glass of water since she tends not to want to hydrate herself enough. Then she had lunch and a long nap and the preliminary report upon waking was that she was okay. However, 20 minutes later, Cathy called back to say Caroline was complaining of a headache again. So Jason will be picking them up in a bit and giving her more meds when they get home along with some extra TLC. Fortunately no fever, but we'll be watching for that.

I know lots of people who have had kids start stomach virues w/ headaches and I'm hoping that's not in our future. Especially since kids don't get headaches that often. However, I WAS a kid that had lots of headaches and remember even in 1st grade just wanting to lay my head on my desk because it hurt. Turns out my sinus problems started THAT early. And I know that I woke up with a headache today and my head still doesn't feel 100% (usually a result of impending bad weather) so that's a possibility as well. Along with a possible sinus infection worry too - I did notice she sounded a little congested in her head last night too.

So I'm hoping Little C doesn't get sick and that her head feels better. We shall see, won't we?

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