Friday, February 22, 2008

More Developments

Well, work closed. YAY! So no worries on that front. But the doctor's office is supposed to be open right now and still has their answering machine on so I'm guessing they are not open. (Duh!) But, I just found out that our insurance covers a MinuteClinic right down the road from my house so I'm going to take Caroline there since strep is one of the "commonly treated" illnesses there.

I'll see how the day progresses about the ultrasound. They're saying that maybe the temp will rise on our side of town for it to be all rain. We'll see..... Jason has already said that he'd stay home w/ the kids even though he'd be sad to miss the ultrasound. But it's also hard to get appointments so it's not like they'd be able to reschedule me right away. (I've had this appointment for several weeks.)

It's been a busy morning and it's only 8:30. Geez.

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BJ said...

Hope your day works out and you are able to get Caroline in to see a doctor and you can make the ultrasound. Keep us posted and good luck!