Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lena the Cat

We have a new "pet" at our house. Her name is Lena the cat and according to Lena, she has four baby kittens in her belly.

As you can probably tell from the photo, Lena is not a real cat. Lena is Caroline. And Caroline has been Lena for a few days now. She's been pretending to be a cat now off and on for a while now but in recent days it has stepped up. She walks around on all fours a good bit of the time and likes to be brushed too. She also insists that her food is "stinky cat food" when she's eating it although she does continue to consume it like a human since we quickly nipped any ideas of eating with her face in her plate when she attempted it.

Yesterday, I surprised her by using some eyeliner to give her a cat nose and whiskers. I also convinced her that I could make her hair look like ears and she was THRILLED. She was so in character that when I had to go and do a few things in my room, I left her to play with a piece of ribbon since that is what cats like to do.

Here is what I found when I returned:

But the funny thing is now she has this obsession that she has kittens in her belly. This morning she even drew her own version of ultrasound photos of what they look like inside then she had Dr. Bryce give her a checkup and look through her belly button to see how the kittens are doing. She talks about how they are wiggling inside and how they will be born when spring comes.

I wonder if she'll be disappointed when her baby sister arrives and clearly is not a cat? This morning Jason got a little irritated with her at breakfast and told her that mommy, Bryce and daddy were all allergic to cats. She just laughed and said she was glad she wasn't allergic (although we can't be sure since Jason never knew he was allergic b/c his mold allergy was so bad it was masking his cat allergy). So Lena the cat will likely be the closest Caroline comes to having a cat in our house. Let's just hope the kittens are hypoallergenic when they are born.

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