Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hi Princess!

Before we left for a visit to my IL's yesterday, Jay and I were sitting and watching the end of MD men's basketball game while Bryce was drawing on his dry erase board. As Caroline came downstairs we hear Bryce say, from behind the couch, "Hi princess!"

Jay and I both got a giggle out of that because this isn't something we ever call Caroline (unless instructed) so we have no idea where it came from - especially since she was not dressed up like a princess.

However, once we got to my IL's house, Aunt Kelly arrived and brought with her every little princess'dream. Authentic Disney Princess dress up clothes!! Apparently, a woman my SIL works with has 2 daughters who are no longer interested in them and brought them into Kelly. So while they aren't brand new, they were only gently loved and are in pretty good condition. I cannot get over them - there are 5 authenic Disney dresses - Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Ariel, and this amazing red gown that isn't akin to any particular princess but is really amazing with all of its crinoline and such.

So this morning Miss Caroline became 5 different Disney princesses and agreed to let me photograph her. She looks a little ragged with her morning hair but she felt beautiful and told me so. And the best part is that all of those dresses are 6x so they will fit her for a few more years which is good since her current dress up gowns are starting to get on the smaller side although they still fit. So without further adieu:

Caroline as Ariel - the pink undershirt kind of takes away from this one but it's her favorite of the bunch.

Caroline as Alice - my personal favorite

Caroline as Cinderella - it could use some gentle ironing on the parts over the skirt - I'll be sure to get right on that!

Caroline as Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

And the most amazing red Disney princess dress:

Thank goodness our little princess in training has plenty of Disney princess shoes already from last Christmas to go with EACH outfit. (Seriously, it's amazing she has a pair in each color!) Thanks so much to Aunt Kelly for thinking of Caroline!


Anonymous said...

The red dress is a dress of Belle's from Beauty and the Beast (she usually wears a yellow dress but this is a special dress of hers - I can't remember the ocassion but I know it's hers)

I actually just gave Kenzie some of my older "fancy party dresses" and as they are WAY too big foe her she loves them! Girls will be girls!

bracken said...

Sydney has a snow white dress from Disney and loves it. I hope Caroline enjoys them. She looks cute as a button in them.

Bertie said...

I vote for the Cinderella dress!

Kelly said...

Aunt Kelly is so happy that Caroline loves her princess dresses!

Erin said...

Can I just tell you... the Alice dress has ALWAYS been my favorite. When I was in Disney World and pregnant with Ben, we saw ONE little girl wearing it around the parks (amidst a sea of princesses) and I said "THAT is the one I will buy for my little girl if I ever have one."
So it has a special place in heart now. ;) If I don't get a daughter, I'll have to buy one for my niece... because darn it, SOMEONE I know is going to dress up as Alice...

Erika said...

There's just something so pretty and classic about Alice that I just love. I always did. Nothing overblown or frufru - kind of like me I guess.

As for the red dress, it must be Belle's from one of the sequels or something b/c I certainly don't recognize it. (I've only see the original B&theB and no princess movies.)

Christine said...

Oh, you are sooooooo ready to visit the world!!!!! THose are some great dresses and she looks FABU in them!! Yep, that's Belle's CHristmas dress- she wears it in the parks at Christmas and we have a Princess Christmas video where she wears it as well.