Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V Day Everyone!

So what is everyone doing today? I'm sure all your moms are doing something uber romantic, right? ;)

Actually that's my question for everyone - what do you do on V day w/ your spouse/partner and your kiddies?

Jay is taking me out to dinner this weekend (no interest in going out tonight!) so we'll just have our usual night at home. But for the kiddies, I have little prezzies for each of them. Nothing big, just some Cars (capital C!) for both kids and a Barbie outfit for Caroline.

Jay's mom gave the kids their little gifts on Tuesday and they were so sweet and thoughtful. She sewed each of them a bag (Bryce's out of Cars material) and then made Phoebe a little dress out of the same Valentine material that she made Caroline's bag out of. And then she made a few little pillowcases for Bryce. They also got a little bag of Valentine M&M's (that we're rationing) and a few other little items that they both really like.

I don't know why but I always loved the smallish presents my mom would give us and I have vivid memories of them. One year she gave me the Madonna "Like a Virgin" record and I was just so thrilled. Maybe it's because the gifts on Valentine's day always seem so thoughtful. I think that is why I love Valentine's Day because it stirs up memories of the really special gifts she would give us that told us, "I love you and I know you." Thanks mom!


viv said...

Nothing special here really dinner from Damon's at home (not wanting to go out) with Jay and the girls. We'll have a few little gifts for them tonight too. Jay's parents gave little presents on Monday and we'll see my parents, sister and Nana on Sunday for a lunch/presents. Nothing big but like you said something meaningful. Life isn't about the material things and it's important to raise our kids that way too :)

BJ said...

We don't do gifts for valentine's day but just make sure to take the extra time to say I love you.