Friday, February 22, 2008


Now I'm starting to suspect strep throat in Caroline. I should know, I had it about 4 times a year before I finally got my tonsils out. She has that cotton-y sound in her throat when she talks and with the addition of the headache and body aches she's had the past few days, I'm really starting to wonder. Plus, I looked in her throat and I might be seeing something on her tonsils. Ick. So I'm waiting for my doctor's office to open to hopefully get an appointment and if not, PatientFirst.

The crappy thing is, if she has strep, we can't drop them off at Cathy's when we go to my ultrasound (the place has a strict no kid policy) so I will probably have to reschedule since I have no one to watch the kids.

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viv said...

Funny that an ultrasound place where you go to see your baby has a strict no kid policy! Hope Caroline is better and that it all works out!