Monday, February 25, 2008

Comfy Clothes Addiction

Caroline has always shown a preference for softer clothes - like sweatshirts/pants, cotton knit ensembles, and fleece but could easily have her mind changed to wear a pair of jeans or other pants. But that's not so anymore. It's all comfy clothes, all the time now. She digs into her drawers to find her sweatsuits and anything that she defines as comfy. I swear it looks like she wears the same 5 outfits over and over because that is what she chooses to wear. And therefore, many of her "comfy outfits" are starting to show some wear and tear with stains and such. (Thank goodness winter will be over soon, right?)

Last week, in an attempt to get her to wear some of her very cute "non-comfy" clothes, I buried the grubby sweats under her jeans and pants in hopes of her picking something else - and it worked! (And for the record, all of her jeans and such have at least an elastic waist band in the back and if you've seen Caroline you know she's FAR from chubby so it's not like her clothes are exactly binding.) And yesterday when Jason got her to wear a pair of jeans and a very cute sweater, I was sure to tell her how adorable she looked as well.

Fortunately, she's not at the point where if she doesn't have comfy clothes she won't wear anything else, but it's clearly her preference. But I guess the thing that doesn't make sense is that she spends most evenings wearing one of her princess dresses and those dresses are FAR from comfy - think crinoline, scratchy material, and sequins. So I guess in that case fashion trumps comfort.

I guess it's only a matter of time before fashion becomes more important and I'll wish we were back to the days when she was happiest in a Target $10 sweatsuit.

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