Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cautiously Halfway

Well, being 19 weeks and a couple odd days, I'd say that puts me at the halfway mark. Mostly because if baby girl is about the same size as her older sister and brother, the OB/midwife will likely give me the option to induce around my 39th week. Of course, stranger things have happened and I could go into labor earlier (ha ha, yeah right) or she won't be as big and they'll let me go. Actually that was one of the things that gave me a small sense of relief about this baby being a girl since boys are typically bigger. Caroline was 9lbs 1oz at 40 weeks and Bryce was 9lbs 2oz at 39 weeks. I'm just not looking to deliver a 10lb baby.

I also had some joy in seeing the way the "baby" is changing in the little pregnancy ticker on the right - the baby looks much more human and not so skinny too. Clearly that's not my baby, but it's interesting just the same.

It's also interesting now that I know this baby is a girl to reflect on the similarities and differences between my pregnancies. Hindsight being 20/20, it's easy to see how much this pregnancy has in common with Caroline's now without the fear of making assumptions.

The few things that I noticed are very similar was my 1st trimester nausea patterns. With Caroline and this baby, I experienced most of my nausea in the evenings whereas with Bryce it was usually in the mornings. Also, with Caroline and this baby, I have been craving orange juice and citrus type flavors. When I go downstairs in the morning I have to pour myself a big cup of OJ and guzzle it down but with Bryce I did not. My only real craving with him was buffalo wing sauce. Sounds kind of masculine, huh?

Now the thing that really threw me off early on was that I had one migraine. With Caroline, I didn't have any but with Bryce I had 7 or 8, so my thought was the 1 was a fluke but I still wasn't sure.

One difference with this pregnancy than the others though is that I really haven't had much heartburn yet. I remember having it a good bit in the first trimester with both of the older kids but hardly at all this pregnancy. I'm sure it's coming but at least it's been nice to only have to choke back Tums a few times so far. (I think the heartburn was much worse with Caroline in the 3rd trimester though so we'll see how this goes, but I do know I carried her VERY high which is more typical of a 1st baby.) And while the old wives tail about heartburn and the baby having hair seems to actually have some medical merit, in my cases it has NOT been true. C and B were fairly bald or just fuzzy at birth.

So we shall see how things play out. So far this prenancy has been fairly easy and I really can't complain. Not that either of my other ones were problematic I just remember feeling worse in the first trimester with both of them. I'm hoping that my "easy breezy baby" theory will continue with this little girl and we'll have a quiet 2nd half of my pregnancy followed by an easy delivery and laid back baby girl. At least we know she'll be used to the noise level of the home she's coming into. Good heavens!


Katie said...

Would you prefer labor or induction with this one?

Glad you are halfway too & that things are going smoothly so far!

Erika said...

The only reason I'd like to go into labor on my own is so that I'd have the option of not having an epidural. I don't know of too many women who have been able to manage an induced labor w/o an epidural - makes the contractions WAY more intense. I'm not saying I'd definitely make it through a non-induced birth w/o an epi, I'd just like the opportunity to try. But if I get to 39 weeks, baby is big, and cervix is favorable (as it always has been), I'll go ahead w/ the induction b/c I'm scared to death of a HUGE baby and I know I'll be ready to go. I've had very positive inductions and Bryce's wasn't that long, so I know I can handle it again.

Katie said...

I totally understand about the big baby fear. Yesiree I understand that well.

BJ said...

Congrats on making it half way! Glad to hear that all is going well.

If history shows anything you will probably be up for a planned birth with the iduction but if not....Just make sure if you go all natural with no epidural that you make a decision before your window of opportunity passes:> I know that happens a lot with women who originally try, then decide they want the pain killer but at that time it is too late and they are at the point of no return.