Friday, February 15, 2008

Caroline and Her Eggs

Caroline and I were playing with her many babies this evening after her bath - you know the usual - diapering, dressing, feeding..... And of course with that comes the usual chatting that she does as we take care of them. Usually it involves a few stories she makes up about them and I'm always interested in the details and the interesting things she comes up with. She did not disappoint me this evening.

She was talking about her doll named Minnie and how sometimes her belly button bleeds and she has to take her to the doctor. But the doctor always says to take her to the hospital but she doesn't want to go back to the hospital because she doesn't want to have anymore babies.

So I ask her, "You're done having babies?"

"Yes, I think five is enough. They are a lot of work. They taked my eggs out."

"Oh, so they took your eggs out so you won't have anymore babies?"


Oh man, did she just talk about sterilzation?

You're probably wondering what we've been teaching her about the birds and the bees. Well, she's starting to ask questions about how the baby got into mommy's belly and she'd asked MONTHS ago about how the baby comes out. When these questions come up, we answer her honestly with as much information as we know she needs at this point. We've always used correct anatomical names for body parts and so using them in our house is commonplace. So a few weeks ago, I'm not sure how we got on the topic, but I told her about how all girls are born with eggs in their bellies that can turn into a baby someday when they are much older. She asked if she had eggs in her belly and I told her yes but they were not mature and could not turn into a baby until she was much much older. She also asked if cats had them and I told her all female mammals were born with eggs in their belly.

Now, when I told Jason this story, he thought it was because maybe he told her how his mom's cats had been spayed - e.g. had their eggs out. But then he couldn't be sure he actually told her that or not, so who knows if she came up with that herself or it's based on what she learned about her Nana's cats. But still, funny that she decided at the age of 4 that five babies is enough.

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