Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bryce's Kisses

That boy has been the king of hearts today. He was up at 6:20am and Jason got up with him since he'd gone to sleep way before I did. And amazingly, I was able to go back to sleep until 9am!!! WOOHOOO!! (The recooperating Caroline also slept till 9am!) But when Jason came into our room at 9am, in came Mr. Bryce who climbed up in our bed faster than a jack rabbit.

Before I knew it, he was laying next to me and snuggling and talking about what he had for breakfast. Then I gave him a kiss and true to form, he wiped it off. He thinks he's pretty funny when he does this and I tickled him for it. So then he gave me a kiss and I showed him and told him how I rub his kisses in for later so I'll always have his kisses with me. Well, he LOVED that and started kissing me all over my face to see me rub them in and hear my comments. Now, I must say, the kisses that your 2 1/2 year old son gives you are by far some of the sweetest kisses you will ever get and I plan on remembering this for a very long time. And after a few more minutes of kiss rubbing (and he even started doing the same with my kisses), he decided he hadn't said good morning to his baby sister yet and had to pull up my shirt to check my belly. He thinks he can see her through my belly button and after a good look he gave my belly a few kisses. Then he came up and gave me a bunch of snuggles before we decided to go downstairs and check on Caroline.

Then throughout the day today, he's been VERY cuddly. He's a naturally cuddly kid but even more so than usual. At breakfast he sat in my chair and then insisted I sit next to him because he made room for me. Then after I finished eating, he had to crawl up in my lap for some "monkey hugs." (Where he wraps his arms and legs around me and lays his head on my shoulder.)

And then before bed, he had to crawl up into my lap in the family room and get lots of hugs and kisses and then was thrilled when I rubbed his belly. But finally, after he was in bed, I went in and kissed him (per his request) and a kiss rubbing in fest began again. I just can't turn down an opportunity to kiss that little face. Especially when you walk into his room and he says, "Kiss you!" and he sits there with his cheeks sucked in and his lips puckered ready to strike.

Oh man, he's a little Romeo, that's for sure and I'll remember these moments when he's 12 and is embarrassed if I even hug him in front of his friends.

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