Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bryce-O-Rama - Drinkin' Coffeeeeeee

Bryce talks a lot about the things he will do when he's big like his daddy. But most of all, he wants to read the paper like daddy and drink coffee like daddy. This morning he came downstairs as I finished up I scarfing down some breakfast and asked for some bites. (They eat breakfast at daycare.) The cereal had some almonds in it and the veggie sausage had eggs in it, so no sharing for Bryce. But, he saw my coffee and asked for a sip.

Now, I like my coffee with a side of delicious Coffeemate, so it does taste quite good, even to kids. He had one sip and said, "Mmmmm, I have stinky breath. Mmmmm, coffee breath. You will brush it out, mommy."

Then he asked for another sip, which I let him have. "Mmm, I am big like daddy! I drink coffee! I'M BIG!!!!!"

At this point he was standing up in the chair showing me his muscles and how he was big like daddy. I guess coffee doesn't stunt your growth....

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BJ said...

Sydney loves coffee when she gets a chance to have a sip.