Monday, February 04, 2008

Bedtime Co-dependency

Bedtime still isn't much fun around our house. We're still chasing Bryce back into bed although we've had a few nights where he's settled right now and a few other nights where he's landed back in crib jail. But we came upon another problem this weekend that we hadn't had to battle with before - a screaming, crying older sibling. Ugh, this is the worst kind of night.

When Caroline screams, cries, whines, etc, it keeps Bryce on full alert and he will not settle down. Everytime she has an eruption, he's back up. So while we cut him some slack on the getting up, we also grow frustrated more quickly. We had this scenario on Saturday evening when we returned past their bedtime (and w/o naps) from my IL's house. Caroline was clearly overtired and grumpy while the Everready Bunny (Bryce) was rarin' to go. The combination resulted in two very frustrated parents.

However, once we finally got Caroline to calm down, Bryce did too. At least Caroline is starting to let us close her door if Bryce is having a particularly ornery evening but I do plan on buying a noise machine for Bryce's room very soon to drown out Caroline's habit of singing/talking before she goes to sleep.

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