Saturday, February 23, 2008

Baby Pictures

Okay, now that I have a few minutes, I thought I'd post her first real baby pictures. I've added some guidance on them since I know not everyone is skilled at looking at ultrasound images.

First up, the whole baby. I love this one because you can see all of her just laying there comfortably on her back:

Next is my favorite, our little girl sucking her LEFT thumb. We saw Caroline doing the exact same thing on her ultrasound and guess who is still a devoted left thumbsucker? It's amazing how you can see all the little bones in her hand and she just LOVED having that left hand by her face and barely took it away the whole time.

And now, the "money shot" of our little girl. Clearly NOT a boy from this vantage point....

We had a very friendly sonographer who really chatted with us and made the experience more enjoyable. The screen was pointed in my direction and I was able to watch all of it as it was happening. (With Bryce's I had to crane my neck to see.) And the increase in technology since Caroline's ultrasounds is amazing. With Caroline's I remember not being able to figure out what we were looking at, but with this baby's I knew exactly what she was looking at most of the time.

The baby was cooperative in the beginning but as the time went on she was a bit evasive. The sonographer was pretty sure she got everything she needed but it's up to the radiologist to make that final decision so we shall see. The whole event took over a half hour but I remember with Bryce it was less than 20 since he was so cooperative and gave the sonographer every single shot she needed without much manipulation. I wonder if it's an indication of what this little girl's personality will be like. Caroline pretty much slept through her first ultrasound curled up in a ball and we had to go back for a 2nd ultrasound since they weren't able to get very good shots of her heart and spine. Not that I'd ever balk at having to get another one and have another chance to see the babe.

The news is still kind of settling in with us but it just feels so good knowing a little bit more about this new family member. For me, knowing the gender helps me to feel more connected to the baby and helps me to kind of visualize our family in the months to come. The gender limbo is just something that I have a hard time, especially since finding out these days is so simple. If it was tied to some invasive procedure, I'd clearly go without knowing, but since it's an easy opportunity, I just can't not know. (Hats off to those of you that wait, but I just could NOT do it if I didn't have to!)


Amy said...

Those are great! Congrats!!!

BJ said...

I wasn't able to wait either which is why we were able to have 4 ultrasounds because Sydney would not cooperate. I think that it can be a clear picture of their personality:>:> HA HA!

Great pictures!