Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A 5 Nissue Morning

For the most part, it was a very good morning. Bryce woke up a little after 6am and came into the bathroom while I was getting ready and talked up a storm to me. I just love talking to him, asking him questions and hearing his response. Of course, he asks "why?" a LOT, but I just love how he speaks and the inntonation of his voice. His "yeah" is enough to make me want to just pick him up and cover him in kisses sometimes. Then he went downstairs with me and shared a bowl of cereal with me and with each bite he asked if there were eggs or nuts in it. While we were downstairs, I heard Caroline stirring above and hoped she'd have a good morning.

Well, as we were going up the stairs, Miss C appeared and was already out of her PJs and on her way to getting dressed! I was so proud and told her that I wanted to tell everyone. I don't think I ever remember a morning where she got up by herself and proceeded to start getting ready on her own. A red letter day! So I got Bryce dressed and she asked me to help her find the missing shirt to the outfit she wanted to wear - a cotton knit outfit, of course.

So after dressing Bryce, I went into her room and sat down and Bryce brought me his shoes. But I guess he didn't want them on because when he sat down and I went to put them on, he threw his head back and clocked me in the chin. OH.MY.GOD. The pain. It was blinding. I could not talk it hurt so bad. I gently pushed him off my lap which began a crying fit on his part and I tried to muster the energy to continue. I'd already had a dull headache since I'd woken up but this brain jarring increased the pain by about 20 fold. I literally couldn't move it hurt so bad. I told Caroline to continue getting dressed while Bryce continued to scream and cry because he was mad about not being able to sit in my lap. Finally after about 5 minute, the intense pain subsided and I was able to get up and put him in time out (he was swatting at Caroline for NO reason!).

So finally both kids were dressed and teeth were brushed (Bryce under extreme duress) and Bryce was still walking around crying/whining about nothing. He wanted another "nissue" but he only wanted the ones that were in his big boy room on top of his dresser. Then we went downstairs and Caroline got her stellar 3 jelly bean reward for her outstanding behavior. Bryce continued to ask for more nissues to wipe his nose and face. Finally we made it out into the car and Bryce had one final car nissue and we were on our way. Both kids were happy and laughing when I left them.

Really a pretty decent morning except for the horrendous shot I took to the chin. I told Jason about it and he said that is why boxers often get knocked out by taking a hit to the chin and now I understand why. I've never had my head jarred like that and thankfully some time and some Tylenol has me back in the day. Whew!

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