Thursday, February 28, 2008

4 Year Old Fashion

Well, it's a good thing that Caroline's love of comfy clothes does not conflict with her interest in her clothes matching. Last night before bed, she picked out her clothes for morning and picked out the following ensemble (Don't you love how smiley they are at 7am????):

Do you like the striped pants and the flowered top? How about the addition of yellow socks and blue Crocs??? I thought so...

I do give her credit for seeing that there is a purple tone to both the pants and shirt so maybe that is what she saw in putting them together. Or not. Maybe she just saw a comfy pair of pants and a comfy shirt. I don't know what brought on the yellow socks but I guess she just likes color, which maybe she gets from me since I like to wear colors....not all in the same outfit though.

When we got to daycare, Cathy got a good chuckle out of it and told Caroline how great she looked today. She has an 8 year old daughter so she knows what 4 year old girls are like.

I was just pleased that Caroline got dressed all on her own again and if this trend continues, I'll let her match up anything in her closet that she wants. Clearly not a battle worth fighting, at least when we're not going anywhere special. Plus it makes for some great photo ops.


Erin said...

Mine, on the other hand, is obsesssed with both the comfy factor AND that things match. And by match, I mean, he'd prefer things to be the EXACT SAME COLOR. You've reminded me that I really need to take some pictures of the choices. The only time he doesn't care if something matches is if he's really attached to a particular pair of pants or one particular shirt. That also leads to some interesting combinations. ;) It's killing me to have lost control over the dressing/wardrobe, because if I had my way, he'd dress like a little Gap/Gymboree model everyday... but um yeah, not happening. ;)

Anyway, too cute!

Erika said...

Yeah, I'm a little sad to no longer have much say in the clothes choice too. I'm just happy when she'll choose a pair of jeans an a cute shirt. Now on weekends when we go places, like tomorrow for a wedding shower, she'll be dressed how I want. But I'm sure those days are numbered too. At least Bryce still doesn't care and I've got #3 to dress for quite a while!