Sunday, January 13, 2008

Zyrtec Going OTC

Did you know that Zyrtec is going OTC (over the counter) on January 24?? I didn't until a few days ago. I used to take it (and will if my allergies, usually to cats, really flare) but Bryce now heavily relies on it during allergy season along with taking a nasal spray and Singulair.

So news that it's going OTC is a mix of good and bad news - but mostly bad news for us. Ever since Bryce started taking it, we would occassionally get letters from our annoying Rx company telling us that Claritin works a lot like Zyrtec and that it's OTC and we should try it (and then they attach a coupon). Nope, Claritin is NOT like Zyrtec, thank you very much and you're only trying to save money so I always trashed those letters.

So getting the notice from a few places this past week about Zyrtec going OTC was not exactly thrilling. Yes it will be nice not to have to call the Rx in every time we need it and just be able to pick it up any time. But the reason we're not too pleased is that our Rx insurance will no longer cover it. For some it's good news because their Rx insurance covers very little of it and they are paying way more than they will pay once it goes OTC. But for us, we were paying $15 for an 8oz-ish bottle and now it will be about $12 for a 4oz bottle. 4oz doesn't last long when your child is taking over 1 tsp a day from mid-March through October-ish.

So, if you happen upon any Zyrtec coupons in the coming months (years), you can send them our way. However, I do have a few already that expire in mid-spring, so I probably won't need them until after that. Thanks again!


Amy said...

I'm a Zyrtec junkie. Well, I WAS, but I think pregnancy and/or acupucture did something wonky and I didn't need it at all this year. OTC is bad news, though.

Oh, and Claritin is CRAP.

Amanda said...

Good news! I went to Target to get my first OTC zyrtec and was pleasantly surprised! Not only did I receive a $5 off coupon in the mail a few weeks back but it was $27.99 for 45 pills. Far less than the $30 for 30 I was paying with insurance. Hope that price is not temporary... I remember how expensive Claritin was when it first went OTC (back when it still worked for me) and it got really cheap when the store brands came out. I hope the same is true for Zyrtec!