Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wednesday Grumbles

Another good morning getting the kids out to daycare on time, but I have a few grumbles this morning that I just want to get out.

1. Yes it was nice how warm it was yesterday, but unseasonably warm outside equals HOT in the office b/c they you can't regulate a building's temperature very well if it's unexpectedly cold or hot. So basically, I'm sweltering in my office today. Good combination with a headache....

2. Tomorrow at noon until noon on Tuesday, our university's data system will down. That basically means I won't be able to do much work. I've been told that I'll be doing some testing on Monday but that isn't my regular work. This is our craziest, busiest time of year and pretty bad timing, but hopefully the upgrade will be successful but I do know that b/c it does change things it's going to cause a LOT of extra phone calls b/c people are having trouble with it.

3. I had to threaten Caroline to take away her lightbulbs last night. Her new trick is to close her door and then turn on the lights to play. I even unscrewed one last night and when she realized what I was doing, she understood that was the consequence if she did it again. Honestly, I don't want to take them out b/c it's a PITA but this light turning on thing has to got stop. (She's getting quite sneaky, that one.)

4. Bryce is becoming a reluctant napper. He's still easy to go to bed at night but he resists naps, much like his sister. I am NOT looking forward to when we move him to his big boy room. Maybe we'll wait longer than we originally planned...... I'm not ready for two free range kids yet.


Katie said...


Erika said...

PITA - you know, Pain In The A$$!


bracken said...

Thanks for asking about PITA...I was lost there too:>:>

Erika -- down time in January....that can't be making the office very happy or the directors! Hope all goes well. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Katie said...

Ohhhhhh, now I get PITA! ;-)