Friday, January 25, 2008

The Things That Girl Says

So I'm sitting here waiting for some tech issues to be resolved, so I thought I'd have some theraputic blogging about a person I love dearly to help me get through a stressful morning.

Caroline has always said funny things, but a few lately deserve to be noted.

The other morning she saw me brushing my teeth. When I was done she says, "Mommy, when you were brushing your teeth, I bet the baby was brushing her teeth too." I don't think it works that way Caroline....

Last night my mom popped in for a short visit and during her bath, Caroline told my mom, "I think being a girl is better than being a boy because boys worry more." Why she thinks that, I don't know. Wait till she gets older...

On the topic of Bryce's new room, "Mommy, Bryce is going to sleep in his big boy room tonight. You don't get to make the decision, he does. So he's going to sleep in his big boy room tonight because that is the decision." Clearly he has not slept in there yet so Bryce isn't going by Caroline's decision.

The other morning while getting dressed, she decided she wanted to wear her Crocs to daycare, so she proceeded to get them out of the closet and put them on the floor to put on. But I guess when she was putting them on, one of them moved because the next thing I know, she's KICKING them around and yelling, "BAD CROCIES! BAD CROCIES! You moved when I went to put my foot in - I'm not wearing you!!!!!! And she didn't wear them - the nerve of those Crocs moving!

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Kelly said...

Reading your blogs about those two help me get through my stressful days!