Tuesday, January 08, 2008


That is what Caroline gave my MIL a healthy dose of today. Pretty sweet that she's even giving her grandmother the obnoxious act, huh? Apparently, she gave my MIL a hard time about everything, refused to go outside to play in the morning, and then after she went to her room for her nap, she came back downstairs within minutes telling my MIL, "I'm not tired today."

Believe me, we've seen PLENTY of Caroline attitude but I was a bit surprised she gave so much to her grandmother. And then as Jason got home, the kids and my MIL were walking up the street. Bryce came right back, but not Caroline. She took off the other way and Jason ended up having to go after her. Sweet.

I tell you, I always heard that your eldest children are supposed to be the ones most wanting to please the parents and such. When is THAT going to kick in?

Although after talking to Jason about some of her other lovely behaviors lately, he has let me in on a little secret.....She's a LOT like he was as a kid. Apparently, he remembers purposely wanting to defy his mother and make her angry. He remembers making his mind up about something and then changing his mind when it was too late.....just to be difficult. And according to my MIL, Jason had a bit of a fiery temper too (and still has a bit of one if he's proded enough). Now, he ended up turning out just fine (or at least that's how it seems to me) so I'm thinking Miss C will work her way out of this 'tude too.

Of course the way I see it is that your parents always tell you that when you grow up you're going to have a child JUST LIKE YOU to deal with so that you can understand how tough it was on them. So to me, I'm getting bitten in the butt by Jason's karma. How fair is that? Not that either of my kids don't have some pretty "sweet" characteristics of me when I was a kid, but according to my mother, I didn't have quite the 'tude that Miss C has sometimes.

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bracken said...

wow, does your post make me think of Sydney! Her attitude and mouth are getting her in lots of trouble these days. I feel your pain....