Friday, January 18, 2008

Sitting in the Hole

Caroline and Bryce like to sit in "the hole." What is this mysterious hole? Well, it's the well that is created when mommy sits on the floor, crossed legged. And in the mornings, if I sit on the floor as we're getting ready, you better believe there's a fight over who gets to sit in "the hole." I'm talking pushing, yelling, and CRYING. Usually it's Bryce that wants it the most and if Caroline knows he wants it, she wants it more too.

Like this morning, I got Bryce dressed and we went into Caroline's room to begin the process of cajoling her into getting up and dressing. I sat down on the floor and like a magnet, Bryce was in my lap. But at the same time, Caroline was getting out of bed and SHE wanted to be there. So, since I'd already given Bryce some one on one attention, I told him it was Caroline's turn. Well, that turned into instant tears. You would have thought I'd told him I didn't love him anymore. The tears started and he cried - and I mean CRIED. Sobbing. Big tears. Snot. He wasn't content to sit on my one leg either. He wanted to sit in the hole.

So while Caroline had to stand up to do some of her dressing, Bryce got a short stint in the hole and he finally calmed down. And then after Caroline finished dressing, she insisted on a minute or two in the hole before brushing her teeth. I told them that the hole is going to go away for a while when mommy's belly gets bigger. I don't think they'll be too pleased.

I think my kids have some kind of interest in the spaces the body creates in different positions because Bryce likes to play a game with Jason called "go down the hole." If Jason is sitting on a chair or couch and has one foot on the other knee, Bryce just LOVES to sit on his lap and slide down the hole that is created. Loves it!

It's gonna be sad when they get bigger and don't fit in our "holes" anymore. :)

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Bertie said...

But remember...they can always sit on your lap as long as their feet don't touch the floor and you know the secret to that! :-)