Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Princess Look

Lately, Caroline has been into a certain look. It's almost a uniform around here lately. She puts it on when she wakes up, when she goes to McDonalds with her Bertie, and she tries to wear it to bed sometimes. Generally, it always includes the princess tiara and the pink Barbie sunglasses, but it often includes gaudy clip-on earrings, 12 coats of lip gloss (that are often waaaaaay outside the lines of her lips), and sometimes a fuzzy boa and a purse or two.

My mother had never seen it before and when Caroline came down in the tiara/sunglasses ensemble the other day on their way to "Old McDonalds" for lunch, she thought it was so funny she made sure to take a picture for me. Little did she know that it's a common getup for Miss C these days. My mom did comment that she got a giggle out of the amount and lack of border of Caroline's lip gloss application but that she had talked Caroline into letting her "touch it up" with a tissue before leaving.

The picture to the left is of her before New Year's after a nap - yes, she's still wearing her PJs. She was so proud coming down in that outfit, it was a Kodak moment.


Dawn said...

OMG, she is hysterical Erika! She and Maddie would get along famously with their dress-up outfits! I love her personality, and I'm beginning to think I need to take some fashion tips from her, too! ;-)

bracken said...

Just adorable!

Bertie said...

Meemaw would love this picture with the blue boa as well as the rest of the get-up.
she's truly a noncomformist...just like her Aunt Chrissa. :-) I love it. She's so cute. I'm wondering if it's the PINK sunglasses that she prefers over the usual colored ones or is it the color for princesses? Regardless, she's a jewel.

Katie said...

I love how C accessorizes!!

Bertie said...

I'm thinking Caroline looks somewhat like a Baltimore Hon!