Friday, January 11, 2008

No Rest For The Weary

Weary - that was me this morning, in fact, it's still me. When that alarm went off before 6am, I did not want to get up, even more than usual. I went to bed around my normal time but oh my, I was so tired. So I got into the shower and was starting to get dressed when Jason freed Bryce who came barreling into the bathroom to greet me. Upon the door opening, I saw that my other little elf was laying in my bed.

Now, let me preface this by saying that I love seeing them first thing in the morning and they both were fairly well behaved. BUT, when they get up 30 minutes early that really throws my schedule off AND it exhausts me. So not only was I trying to get myself ready, I was also answering every question they could throw at me, refereeing a few small spats, and just reminding them of what NOT to do.....let alone the usual routine of getting them dressed.

Normally when they wake up this early I'll turn on a show and they will watch quietly until it's dressing time. But this morning Caroline wanted NOTHING to do with TV which meant that Bryce was watching no TV either (not that he's ever interested in a show for longer than 10 seconds anyway). So they basically followed me around, asked a gazillion questions, touched everything they weren't supposed to, fought a few times, and then asked for bites of my cereal as I scarfed it down.

Cute, yes. But when you're 3 months pregnant, very tired, and can feel the start of a headache, this is just no way to start the morning. And the day is so gray and chilly - I just want to go back to bed. Oh joy, I have oodles of paperwork to catch up on today with our data system being down. I can hardly contain myself. And my headache is full blown now (with a little nausea on the side) and my eyes are hurting.

Let's just hope the headache goes away. That would improve things by about 85%.

Update: A dose of Tylenol and a Diet Pepsi has helped things considerably. That and the fact that I'm almost done with my most hated, tedious task of the semester.


bracken said...

You sound like you need a hug! Hope your Friday starts to improve. I am sending you good thoughts and hope the tylenol and diet pepsi continue to help.

Dawn said...

Hope you're feeling better, Erika. TGIF...this has been a long week and I can only imagine how much longer yours was, especially when you're not feeling great!

Katie said...

I hate days like that. At least the weather cleared up. Many times that is half the battle.

Viv said...

Hope you had a better afternoon..............

Mom said...

I'm biased but I think you are doing a remarkable job with working full-time, handling your children conscientiously and being pregnant! BRAVO! You and Jay do a fantastic job and you're really a team. So proud of you especially since I can reflect when I was pregnant with #3 and how I reacted.