Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Mole That Santa Brought

Jason and I noticed that Bryce has a teeny, tiny mole (skin tag, freckle, whatever you call them...) on his belly that must have just developed in the past month. I think we both thought it was a scratch or something at first and Bryce likes to play with it sometimes.

So the other night he was pulling up his shirt and I asked him, "Bryce, where did you get that mole?"

Clear as day he replies (with a devilish smile on his face), "Santa brought it to me!"

And then he proceeded to let me take this picture. You can see his teeny mole several inches above his belly button. I think he is proud of it.


Katie said...

;-) That is funny!

Bertie said...

Such a quick mind! Our little cutey-pie!! "The Warmer of Hearts"