Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Matching Colds

It seems Caroline and I have a set of matching colds that we both woke up with yesterday. I suspected mine on Sunday though with a nagging scratchy throat. And while no one likes a cold or to see their kids under the weather, I DETEST when Caroline gets a cold because she just cannot handle it. When I walked into her room yesterday she looked at me with the grouchiest look on her face and said, "I have cold." and then proceeded to do this fake, dramatic cough.

I already knew she had one since she had been up THREE times the night before. And for some reason, her having a cold has hurt her night time potty trained status as she had TWO accidents in one night. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? (Jason and I each managed one of them while he managed the 3rd wakeup and I handled Bryce's random wakeup - can you guess we were tired yesterday?) So last night, because I needed a full night's sleep, we convinced her to wear a pull-up which thankfully did save us from another sheet change. I really do think it has something to do with her cold since she's not drinking more and she's sleeping badly. But she did wake me up at 3:20am b/c she said she was cold in her bed. So one dose of iburprofen later she was tucked back in and I had trouble getting back to sleep much before 4am.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised about her illness dramatics since she is fairly dramatic about most other things. But it does make me laugh when she'll sit and eat her nice warm oatmeal breakfast, suck back some OJ, and eat a vitamin and then suddenly declare herself CURED! I wish it was that easy. I just hope she's feeling more like herself tomorrow when they're back at daycare.

On another note from my previous post/vent about Baltimore getting an F+ for breastfeeding, it's not that I'm anti-formula, it's just that I get frustrated to hear that so few people even attempt it and that it's the culture that is influencing people not even to give it a try. Even just attempting it is helpful to the baby!

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nelly said...

hello..i saw one of your comments on my friend erin's blog and had a peek at yours. i too am expecting number 3 =) and i've enjoyed looking through some of your recent posts!
(i liked your comment on breastfeeding)