Sunday, January 13, 2008

M is for Mischievous

Bryce's middle initial is M and usually it stands for Mitchell, but lately, it has been standing for Mischievous (with a CAPITAL M!). This little boy, as he approaches 2 1/2 is certainly coming into his own. We've known for quite some time that he is our child with a great sense of humor and fun loving attitude. We know he likes to be cuddled, tickled, and just loved in general. He's generally a joy to have around and he's so friendly and cute that people are just drawn to him.

But lately, oh my, this little guy is certainly feeling his Cheerios. He's always up to something and when you want him to do something (and he doesn't want to) he'll give you this devilish grin and this very ornery laugh and then RUN! This morning I wanted him to brush his teeth and he ran as fast as he could into my bedroom and I saw him run into our walk-in closet. But as soon as I went in, I didn't see him. Our closet is not that big, so I was surprised he had been able to hide so well. I glanced at Caroline's usual hiding place in there and didn't see him and then I saw his two little beige socked feet (matched the carpet) behind my hanging shelves. He had gotten right behind them and was peeking at me from between them. He busted out and was laughing so hard, I couldn't contain my giggles either. And as I dragged him back toward the bathroom, he did his typical "go limp" resistance which only made it harder for me not to laugh. He still ended up refusing to brush his teeth so for the first time with him I had to resort to my pinning him to the ground and brushing. (FTR, I've done this a few times with Caroline too and it's terrible, but Bryce seemed to think it was pretty interesting and wasn't even that bothered by it.) Amazing how different kids can be.....

And right now he's up in his crib just singing and talking away as he now resists naps much like his sister does, although she's actually been taking good naps lately. My mom even commented on this sudden streak of craziness and while we all admit he's as cute as the day is long, he's certainly coming into his own and we have to be very careful not to let him get away with too much. I don't want cute turning into brat.


Viv said...

Ok so sometimes I think Makenzie is like Caroline (girl & 1st born things) but then I read this post and I think she's like Bryce (it must be the age, since they are only 1 month apart!) ;)

Dawn said...

I could have written your entire first paragraph...I think Sienna and Bryce are kindred spirits! I think she's a bit more devilish than he is, but we have a lot of that running away behavior here too. Only she yells, "You'll NEVER catch me!!" as she's running, little imp!