Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just Not Ready

We decided to let Bryce attempt a nap in his new room yesterday and it crashed and burned. However, I wasn't that surprised b/c he's been a real nap avoider lately anyway, so getting him to take a nap in his new bedroom was a big feat. Finally after 2 hours (and a nap by Caroline), I put him in his crib where he cried for about 30 minutes and then finally passed out. In those 2 hours, he rolled around, talked, kicked the wall (nice!), and then got out of bed and stood at the gate in his doorway and talked.

So I thought maybe bedtime would be a better time to try him in his room since most times he does well at bedtime. I moved his humidifier, glow friend, and wa-was to his big boy bed and then we tucked him in and read him a book. As soon as I turned out the light, he started showing signs he was not ready. In the nursery, his glow friend lights up the entire room (it's a small room) but in his new room, it's not as bright. So I told him I'd leave his Cars lamp on since it's not that bright. But after only a few minutes, he called for me and when I went in, he was gathering up Beetlebutt and his wa-was to go back to his crib where he spent the rest of the night without any problems.

I asked him this morning why he didn't want to sleep in his big boy room and he said there were monsters in his bed. I realize now that Caroline's transition to her bed might have gone easier because she spent several months in a crib in that room before going to the bed, so I'm wondering if it might be worth it to squeeze the crib in for a few weeks and let him get used to the room itself before the transition to the bed. Of course, that would entail taking the crib apart which I know Jason has NO desire to do. So I think for now, we'll just continue to let him play in there and get used to it more and see if he's ready on his own sometime soon. If we get to late spring and he's still not ready, we might have to employ the crib technique so that he's transitioned to his new room well before #3 comes.

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Katie said...

Emily was nearly 2 1/2 before we transitioned her to her new room, so no rush. Like you said, you can always employ the crib technique later.