Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hotel With a Newborn?

We just found out my cousin set her wedding date for the end of September this year. It's going to be out near Oxford, Ohio which is where I went to graduate school at Miami University. Now, I'm very excited for her and her fiance but I'd be lying to say I wasn't a bit apprehensive about traveling that far with a newborn and, most of all, staying in a hotel with a newborn.

It's about a 9 hour drive to Oxford which is non-kid driving time. But broken up over the course of a day, it's managable. Of course we'll be stopping as much for the baby as we will for the "big kids." But I'm wondering about the hotel. This past September we stayed in Williamsburg in a suite and the quarters were a bit cramped with 2 little kids. 4 adults wouldn't have been bad at all but add 2 kids into the mix and it was a bit zany. I think the hardest part was bedtime since they go to bed early and it's hard to get them to go to bed if you're in such close quarters so that leave Jason and I wondering if we should get 2 adjoining rooms if we can't get a suite type arrangement. I'm just worried about a crying baby waking everyone up or my older kids waking up a baby that finally went to sleep.

Update: Well, I did some searching for reservations and it turned out the place they are getting married (a rustic resort type place) had a cottage available so I booked it! And I'm glad I didn't mess around b/c there don't seem to be any more if you do a search now. It's got 2 bedrooms (a queen bed in one and one bunkbed set in the other- which is fine b/c we have ample bed rails) and a full living room/kitchen. So this will work out well b/c the kids do okay in a room together at my IL's and then we can have the babe in with us. A far cry from a hotel room and cheaper than getting two hotel rooms. So I think this is much more do-able. Yay!


viv said...

Aren't you going to OBX this summer? So it wouldn't be that much different right? Drive time might ba a little longer but sleeping should be the same. Your parents and bro & sis are going too? Maybe they can eaah take a kid in their rooms so you & Jay can focus on the baby and so the baby won't wake the kids (I can just see you putting C&B in a room by themselves now: T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!! Hope you get a good idea.

Erika said...

I'm not worried about OBX b/c it's a whole house with lots of bedrooms (read EXTRA) and bathrooms. And while family can be helpful, I also don't like to rely on them too much at family functions since they need to enjoy their time too. Plus, sometimes kids only want mom/dad and no matter who else is along, it doesn't matter.

viv said...

Good job on the cottage! :) I hear ya on the family thing too we don't take too many family trips so that's a good point!

bracken said...

the cottage sounds like an awesome solution. Gald you found it