Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Headache Zone

It's official - I'm in the headache part of my pregnancy. Not migraines (knock on wood!) but just bad headaches that I often wake up with and linger through the day. I had this at about the same time in both my previous pregnancies so I'm not at all surprised. And the cool thing about them is that they usually suceed in making me feel more nauseous than I do already. Tylenol does help a little bit along with my saline sinus rinse and my homeopathic pepper nasal spray but it's just that time I guess. Kind of just puts me in a rotten mood when I have one. I did manage to get 30 minutes of exercise in this evening even though every bone in my body told me to lay on the couch and that did help a little so I've gotta keep that up. I have slacked a lot in recent weeks due to the holidays (um, no time!) and feeling like crap in the evenings. Who ever called it 'morning sickness' really didn't have a clue what they were talking about. But, this too shall pass.....13 weeks,3 days is coming up soon! (Not that it turns off on that day, but at least it's coming.)


Christine said...

C'mon 2nd tri- get here already!!! WTG on the exercise- I'm so proud of you!!! Even in my non-preggo state, a good workout helps me turn a crappy- feeling day around. I just hope I'll be able to motivate when I'm in your shoes!

Erika said...

I actually thought of you last night when I was exercising Christine b/c I was doing 3T for the first time (I finally got a tube!). I think I might have slightly pulled a muscle in my back though. DOH!

Katie said...

Sorry about headaches! Hopefully things will clear up soon.