Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008!

CHEERS! Happy 2008 everyone! These are the kids wishing you a happy new year over some "wine" this morning at breakfast. There's just something special about sparkling apple juice in wine glasses, isn't there? After a few rounds of "cheers" both kids downed a few glasses over oatmeal.

We closed 2007 out with the same crew as last year - Binnie, Marcus, Katie, Landon, Emily and Natalie. But this year we added Lucy and Andrew to the fold! And next year there will be one more. Hard to believe there were 4 kids last year, 6 this year and next year there will be 7! We're certainly in our reproductive years..... Binnie and Marcus were gracious enough to host this year and the kids were thrilled to play with all of Natalie's fun toys. I think the ball pit and the mini-trampoline were the biggest hits.

But we all left for home before 9pm and kids were in bed before 10pm, so that left Jason and I to find something to do - which meant we flipped channels (nothing was on) and I tried to stay awake. Finally a little after 11pm, I knew there was no use in staying downstairs b/c I could NOT stay awake. So I was up in my bed by 11:25pm with the hopes of staying awake until the new year. NOPE! We both dozed off listening to some annoying song by Carrie Underwood on Dick Clark's "rockin'" New Year's Eve show and I opened my eyes and saw good old Dick giving his wife a kiss, which meant the New Year had befallen us. Jason lifted his head, gave me a kiss and we turned off the TV and went back to sleep. Caroline visited us at 1:30am and stayed about an hour. She hates fireworks and there were PLENTY of them banging still at that time. But she went back to bed around 2:3oam without problem. Of course, at 7:15am, Mr. Bryce (aka Alarm Clock) was up and with a pounding sinus headache I brought him into bed with us for a few more minutes of peace.

This was honestly the first New Year's I can remember where I was NOT awake at the stroke of midnight. I remember many where I went to sleep a half hour or so later, but none where I was sleeping at midnight. Not that I really believe New Year's is that great of a celebration - I think it's something blown out of proportion and stands to make you feel like you never have plans as exciting as everyone else.

But, even though the stroke of midnight was not the most exciting, at least we had a very nice evening with friends and the kids felt like they'd been to a party, so I think the mission was accomplished!

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viv said...

I'm in the same boat as you, Jay & I didn't stay awake this year either which is def. a 1st for us since we usually have big ole' NYE parties at our house that has like 80 people at it (and yes I know I live in a townhouse!) Must be something about being in my 30's now ;)