Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Everything is Funny

At least to Bryce it is....we knew that this was going to be a problem with him transitioning into the big boy bed so I can't say I'm surprised. Getting out of bed is funny and being put back into bed (over and over) is HILARIOUS.

We're taking a page from Supernanny and doing the continuous back to bed with no commentary trick. It does work but MAN, is it a lot of work. And it's very hard as a parent not to laugh sometimes as he giggles uncontrollably when he sees you come into the room and then when you put him back in bed. Even when you think you're tired of doing it and laughing is the farthest thing from your mind, the sight of him wheeling himself back to his bed as fast as his little legs can carry him along with his infectious laugh makes it VERY hard to keep a straight face. Thank goodness it's mostly dark!

But a lot of stuff is like this with Bryce - time outs too. To him, the world is a game. I guess that's a fun way to live your life, but boy, is it exhausting as a parent. I'm hoping it's just a matter of time before the excitement and fun of getting out of bed on your own wears off. Especially since it's making bedtime for Caroline more drawn out too. Oy. These are the times when I really miss the confinement of a crib.

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viv said...

Oh no don't tell me this!!!!!!!!!! I so am not ready for a big bed for Kenzie!!!!!!! And I would sooooo be laughing too - that is my downfall!