Thursday, January 17, 2008

An Early Interest in Hair

I meant to blog about this a while ago since this has been happening for a while, but I was just reminded at dinner tonight. Bryce has decided he does NOT like when I wear my hair in a ponytail. As soon as I come down from getting changed after work, most times with my hair pulled back, he says, "Take hair out! I don't like ponytail!" And if I hold him, he even goes as far to try and pull it out. Add this to the fact that Caroline does not like her hair played with and I've got two kids who do not have any interest in hair being fussed with.

I'm not quite sure where this comes from - I wonder if he'll be like this with future girlfriends.

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Katie said...

I think Lucy may be like this too. She hates when I comb her hair or put it up. We'll see. Emily's great about it.

P.S. We were coloring yesterday and Emily pointed out each of the crayons that "Rice" peeled the paper off of. She wasn't mad or sad, she was just explaining to me about it. I had totally forgotten about that. She really likes "Rice" and Caroline!