Sunday, January 27, 2008

Daddies Bounce Too

Last night, we headed out to Natalie's 2nd birthday party at one of those inflatable/bounce places south of Baltimore. I was a little anxious about it given past behaviors of the kids when confronted with the possibility of going into a bounce house or something like it. Caroline has freaked in the past although she enjoyed it at the Festival of Trees and Bryce has never relented to go in one. So we got there and as we were walking into the arena, Bryce FREAKED out. (I think he was overwhelmed.)

And while Caroline wasn't scared, it was like she was not sure what to do. So I went into a few of the inflatables with her, showed her what to do, and then it was GO GO GO! And finally, Bryce warmed up to the idea and ended up having a ball too.

I had to take a break after several inflatable obstacle courses and bounce sessions but Jason finally joined in the fun. It was almost as much fun watching him as it was watching the kids. Finally, the pizza arrived and the kids had to stop bouncing so we could eat. Thankfully while we were eating the bounce section closed (and everything was deflated) so on our way out, the kids weren't tempted.

I think Natalie had a grand birthday with all of her family and friends there and I must say it was probably one of the most fun parties we've been to as a family too. Not only that, we got to hang out with Katie's family too! Emily seemed to have a great time and it was funny watching Caroline and Emily on one of the particular inflatables climbing together. It was like they just disappeared in a hole and all of a sudden you saw their little feet and then they were coming down a slide.

I must say, these inflatable places are good energy outlets in the winter as both kids ate a LOT of food immediately afterward and then both went to bed without problems. We might have to look into going to the one around here sometime soon since I know Viv recommended it to me so highly and now that I know it wouldn't be a waste of our money, it would be worth it!

Here's a video of Jason and Bryce bouncing - but especially I like it because you see 3 dads jumping with their kids. How cute is that?


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