Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Crib Jail

Well, after battling with Bryce to stay in bed until 9:30, we finally put him back in his crib. It's actually good that he did NOT want to be there. He screamed for about a half an hour "GET ME OUT OF THE CRIB. I WANT MY BIG BOY BED!" We decided that it will be ample ammunition tonight if he tries that behavior again since he KNOWS we'll put him back in the crib if it gets bad again.

Jason said everytime he would put him back in his bed he'd say, "No more games, Daddy. I stay in bed." And then a few minutes later, here comes smiling, laughing Bryce ready to party. He'd just had it!

He even woke up at 12:30am and immeadiately started crying for his big boy bed. But that was short lived and he slept till morning. But we had a brief conversation this morning about it and I reiterated to him the reason he went back to the crib was because he wouldn't stay in the bed. He said he'd stay in his bed tonight. Of course, he also said "no more games" last night too. I really don't trust a 2 1/2 year old - maybe I'm just a realist.

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