Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Civic Duty

So the technology on campus is FUBAR b/c of a power outage last night on top of a new data system they are having trouble with so I don't have much work that I can do at the moment....sigh.

Well, I got my 2nd official jury duty notice on my birthday. The first time I got it was in November 03 and it was for early January 04 which would have been right after having Caroline, so I had a medical excuse and it was waived. But not so this time..... Although it's better that it's not federal jury duty or grand jury duty so I really can't complain. Plus it's not too far from where I work, so it's not like I have to go out of the way. Jason has already gotten it 3 times and served but this will be my first trip. I'm hoping for a boring day where I can sit and read my book which is what Jason got on 2/3 of his sessions. But on his 3rd session, he got called into voir dire and they released him at 2pm b/c they weren't intersted in him as a juror but anyone who hadn't been intereviewed yet still had to stay and they had not been given a lunch break yet.

I'm sure not hoping for a day like that. Lack of food equals low blood sugar for me which makes my heart palpitations worse. Plus no food right now equals headaches and nausea.... I hope I get ample bathroom breaks too. I'm pregnant for heavens sake!


Katie said...

Yay! Jury duty can be so fun!Inspired me to go to law school.

If you get picked as a juror you can use pregnancy as an you can't sit for long periods of time etc, etc.

You wouldn't believe some of the excuses people give..."I think he's guilty just by looking at him." That was the worst I've ever heard.

Erika said...

Thanks K! I was guessing you'd respond. I'm not trying to shirk my duty - I just don't want people to be mean to me. :)

That is funny about the "guilt by looking at someone." HA HA HA!

Erika said...

Oh and I'm happy b/c I just found out I'm allowed to bring in water and a snack. Jason scared me and made me think I might not be able to bring my water in. Whew! A new book I want to read, some water and a snack - this day might not be so bad.

Viv said...

I want to be called - never have though! I think it's a great opportunity and would be a fun experience! (but wouldn't want to sit on a long case)