Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas is Over

Well, the main thing we accomplished today was getting all of our Christmas decorations down AND put away!!! Jason tackled the outdoor and I went to work on the indoor as soon as the kids went down for naps. By the time Caroline woke up, Jason was wrestling the tree into the stowing bag and I was putting odds and ends into the various trunks and boxes. And by the time Bryce woke up, there were only a few closed boxes left. So there was no crying over the Christmas Little People as they went away or over the Wiggles Christmas DVDs being gone - they haven't really noticed their absence yet, I don't think. When Bryce came downstairs he kept saying, "Christmas over. Christmas over."

But there was bigger news around my house today for Caroline. After she accompanied me to Sam's Club, we went to the pet store to pick out her fish. This is a very big deal since she was promised a fish when she was finally night time potty trained. She has been day/naptime potty trained for about a year but the night time had been difficult for her. And in true Caroline fashion, I knew NOT to push her because she would do it when she was ready - just like day time potty training. Over the Christmas break she kept her pull up dry almost every night and then I mistakenly let her go to bed in underwear on New Year's Eve and after they were dry (and she was sooooooo proud) I told her she could continue. And after a week of dry mornings, I told her she was entitled to her promised fish. I had my sight set on a Betta already because they do not require filters and are fairly hearty. (That and the fact that in 2002-2003 I had a very traumatic time with mollies and platys where I think I got a bit of Munchausen syndrome with my fish and ended up killing them all multiple times. Don't believe me? When I went downstairs to check out what I had in my fish stash, I found 6 kinds of fish medicine and numerous other treatments.... I know, I shouldn't be allowed to have pets.)

Anyway, Caroline quickly picked out a lively blue crown tailed male and we were on our way after getting a little betta tank. And before we even got buckled into the car, he had a name - Spikey - or Spike for short. Spike made it home and had Bryce's finger stuck in his cup a few times before I got him into his new little tank. Here's Caroline with her beloved new pet, Spikey:

Then, the exciting news for us is that my dad arrived to start work on our tiled backsplash in the kitchen. This was a part of Jason's and my Christmas gift from my parents. We'd picked out the tile a few months ago and now it's getting started. He's got this awesome tile saw so it makes it much easier. He got the section behind my toaster/phone done (except for grouting which happens when it's ALL done) and I think it looks fab! I can't wait for the rest of it to be done and the grouting to be put in because now I know how great it's going to look. My dad is so talented!

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Katie said...

I love Spike!