Wednesday, January 16, 2008


  • Bryce liked his room a lot (so did Caroline)
  • We're not ready for him in a bed yet - maybe this weekend, they have been unbelievably wound up at bedtime this week, thank goodness for the crib!
  • Work is insane - combination of upgrade mayhem and usual January pandemonium. I really didn't get to eat my lunch the past two days....I just forget b/c I get so into what I'm doing. I blink and it's 4:30pm.
  • My dad finished the tile in the kitchen for the backsplash. Next up is the special slate sealer before the grout. It looks amazing already - I'll post pics post-grout.
  • Caroline picked out two new names for the baby: girl=Chloe boy=Elmo
  • My mom booked a week for us at the beach (OBX) post-baby! I'm so excited!
  • I'm not feeling quite as lousy in the evenings - more tired, maybe - but I don't get automatically nauseous when I get hungry now although the thought of many foods still aren't very appetizing.
  • I wore a pair of maternity pants to get my hair cut the other night (#3 pregnancy first) b/c all my work pants were too dressy and my casual pants are too small or dirty.

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